Peering Policy



Bilateral Traffic Agreement


In order to reduce the response time in the transactions between MoRENet and other national and international autonomous systems, MoRENet has defined the following criteria to guide its participation in the free IP traffic exchange initiatives:

1. The autonomous systems that wish to establish peering sessions with MoRENet should comply with the following requirements

    * A Network Operations Center (NOC) capable of giving support on the resolution of technical problems related to   performance, configuration, security incidents, network issues, denial of service attacks, unsolicited mail (SPAM) or any other abuse originating internally or from their customers;

       *   A public autonomous system number (ASN) with at least a /24 IPV4 public prefix or /48 IPV6 prefix;

       *  Have all the prefixes registered in a public Internet Routing Registry (IRR) database, for filtering purposes;

1. The peers should never use MoRENet as the last gateway resort or establish static routes with the aim of sending traffic that is not consistent with prefixes announced by MoRENet;

2. The announced prefixes on the peering session should be consistent with the ones announced in the  upstreams or other internet exchange points

3. MoRENet will not accept prefixes lower than /24;

4. MoRENet will not accept the announcement of prefixes that didn’t originate on the peer’s autonomous system;

5. The use of MD5 authentication is optional

6.MoRENet reserves the right to suspend peering for an undefined period in case the above criteria are not met;


Peering requests with MoRENet can be sent from or by email


24/7 NOC phone number: +258 84 20 69 850

24/7 NOC email address:


Email-Address for Peering Requests: