MoRENet Team Attends UbuntuNet Connect 2019 Conference in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Read MORE...
FAMILY PHOTO: TRAINING in perfSONAR, held from 02 to 05 September with the participation of trainers from Indiana University United States
From August 19 to September 19, the OLC’s FREE Online Course titled "The Future of Work: Prepare for Disruption" will be opening (sign up here).
Astria Digital Library Learning is now available for the Mozambican Academic Community. Check out the member institutions of MoRENet that have already joined this library and benefit from the resources available on this platform.



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Chief Executive Officer

  Lourino Chemane


Chief Technical Officer


  Gilberto Ngoca



Network Engineer                                                   

  Leonel Nhavene

  Moises Mucelo

  Vânia Zacarias (Estagiária)

  Yara Banze (Estagiária)


Systems Engineer

  Rogério Muhate

  Algy Adamo (Estagiário)

  Vitalina Baptista (Estagiária)


Engenheiro de computação de Alto Desempenho

  Lino Khalau


Services Management

  Nilza Langa


Administrative  Management

  Clementina Mataveia

  Florência Chilaule (Estagiária)




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