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ISOC Course Taught by MoRENet

The course "Introduction to Network Operations" took place from 08 June to 12 July 2020, in the online mode, through the partnership between MoRENet and the Internet Society (ISOC).

The course was attended by 60 IT professionals, of which 05 (08%) were women, from 28 MoRENet member and partner institutions, including Higher Education Institutions, Professional Technical Education, Research, Telecommunications, Private Sector, among others.

The online course was taught from the ISOC e-Learning and MoRENet WebConf videoconferencing platforms, and was aimed at UNIX/Linux beginners who intend to pursue careers in Network or System Administration, and addressed both theoretical and practical issues, including step-by-step to install and configure a UNIX server, connect it to the Internet, and run a cached storage DNS server in a virtualized environment. It was moderated by three IT professionals, namely Eng. Moises Mucelo from MoRENet, Eng. Rogério Muhate from MoRENet, and Eng. Seun Ojedeji from Mozilla Foundation (Nigeria).

The course started with an official opening ceremony in a videoconference session from MoRENet's WebConf platform, held on June 8th, which had as guests of honour the high level representatives of ISOC, namely Ronda `elezný-Green, ISOC Global Head Training and e-Learning, Kevin Chege, Director, Internet Development for the Internet Society, besides Lourino Chemane, Executive Director of MoRENet and Advisor to the Minister of Science and Technology, Higher Education and Vocational Technical for the area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The course was open to all IT professionals from MoRENet member and partner institutions, widely advertised in their communication channels, and the application was made freely from online registration on a MoRENet platform available for this purpose.

In addition to the iterative lessons, quizzes, evaluations and other study materials available on the teaching platform, the course included weekly video lesson sessions, in real time, for interaction with the moderators for presentation and discussion of the week's topic. Participants were allocated individual servers through virtual machines for laboratory practices.

Participants who finished the course in full compliance with the requirements, a total of 22, were entitled to receive the course certificate issued by ISOC.
In the evaluation of the course made by the participants, they considered the course to have been very good, relevant and excellent for their professional context, with emphasis on DNS configuration modules, DNS cache server management and Linux commands (FreeBSD), the use of the vim editor, aspects that improved their technical skills, and that gained more skills that will allow them to improve their professional performance.

Due to the positive results achieved in the course, MoRENet has permission from ISOC to teach the course again this year and may also include in the training plan of MoRENet Academy other courses that ISOC has available. In this context, MoRENet Academy is already preparing the plan for the next courses that will be announced soon.

About the Internet Society
The Internet Society (ISOC) is a global organisation based on common cause, governed by a diverse Board of Trustees, dedicated to ensuring that the Internet remains open, transparent and defined so that everyone can benefit from it.
Together with the chapters, the organization's members, individual members, and staff work to grow and strengthen the Internet.
ISOC believes that the Internet is for everyone, everywhere. ISOC ensures that the Internet remains reliable, open, globally connected, secure, and a force for good in the world.




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