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Internet Actors and Interest Groups

An initiative of the “Chapter Training Program 2020” by Internet Sociaty (ISOC)

MoRENet Successfully Participates in the ISOC Training Program
MoRENet participated in the online training program promoted by the Internet Society (ISOC) which ran from April to June 2020 through one of its staff.
The initiative called “2020 Internet Society Chapters Training Program” is one of the main initiatives of ISOC that is part of its Action Plan for 2020, with the objective of building capacity in the members to work together with the local Chapters of the ISOC, with a good understanding of the main initiatives of the Internet Society for 2020, for the development of local activities in support of its five projects.

The training was open to all ISOC members globally. The selection of candidates for training was made by the chapters (ISOC Chapters) in a process that ran from January to February 2020. Each chapter should choose 5 candidates, 1 for each following project: (1) Shaping the Internet, (2) Securing Global Routing (MANRS), (3) Building Community Networks, (4) Open Standards Everywhere, (5) Encryption.
MoRENet's participation was through the ISOC of Portugal Chapter (Internet Society Portugal) and Eng. Moises Mucelo, Network Administrator and Manager of the MoRENet Academy, approved for the “Shaping the Internet” course in a selection process, was eligible for this purpose. which involved all ISOC Portugal associate candidates to choose from 5 candidates.

The training took place from May 4th to June 15th, 2020, in online mode through ISOC's Moodle platform. As a fundamental requirement for completion and approval in the program, it included the development of local initiatives by the participants, based on the knowledge acquired in the training, an initiative that should be approved by the Coordinates of the Chapter from which the candidate came.

In this context, the initiative approved for the MoRENet board was the translation of one of the modules of ISOC's “Shaping the Internet” course, according to the data below:
Requirement: Local Initiative Development
Course: “Shaping the Internet” of the “2020 Internet Society Chapters Training Program” Program
Task: Translation into Portuguese of Module 5: “Internet Actors and Stakeholder Groups”, of the course:

“Shaping the Internet: History and Futures”
Directed by: Moises Mucelo
Coordination: ISOC Chapter of Portugal
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It should be noted that the initiative was announced on the ISOC Portugal page in compliance with the course requirements.
Mozambique has not yet established its ISOC Chapter, and is currently in the initial phase of the process, which will be supported by the ISOC Chapter in Portugal following this training activity.
Currently, MoRENet has a partnership with the Internet Society - ISOC for the implementation of training courses, and it has a course currently underway.

About the course “Shaping the Internet: History and Futures
ISOC's “Shaping the Internet: History and Futures” course provides an overview of Internet governance, addressing key areas such as history, policy principles, actors and stakeholders, infrastructure, regulatory structures, multilingualism , cyber security, among others. It also analyzes the multistakeholder participation model, examining the development aspects of Internet governance and examining the collaborative nature of obtaining security and resilience on the Internet.

About the Internet Society
The Internet Society (ISOC) is a global organization based on a common cause, governed by a diverse Board of Trustees, dedicated to ensuring that the Internet remains open, transparent and defined so that everyone can benefit from it.
Together with the chapters, members of the organization, individual members and staff work to grow and strengthen the Internet.
ISOC believes that the Internet is for everyone, anywhere. ISOC ensures that the Internet remains reliable - open, globally connected, secure and a force for good in the world.

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