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This digital tool helps to carry out a self-assessment of the risk of contamination by COVID-19

Operationalization of the mitigation measures for the Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the IES and ETP subsystems

With a view to mitigating the effects of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in our country, His Excellency Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, President of the Republic of Mozambique, decreed on March 30 the state of emergency, to be in force in Mozambique from 01 to 30 April of the current year.

In this context, in order to operationalize such government commands, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Higher Education and Professional Technician (MCTESTP) issued, at different times, letters nº. 169 / MCTESTP / GM / 393/2020, of March 21, 2020 and, no. 182 / MCTEST / GM / 393/2020, of April 6, 2020, addressed to all Institutions of Higher Education (IES) and Institutions of Professional Technical Education (IETP), public and private, urging for the implementation of a series of measures pandemic prevention program for COVID-19.

 MCTESTP sent public, private and semi-public IES and IETP, a Matrix model that allows weekly monitoring at various levels of prevention actions against COVID-19.

2. Operational Status of COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention Measures

2.1 Digital platforms to support the teaching and learning process

The MCTESTP, guided the IES and ESTP to use digital platforms to make the teaching and learning process feasible (having recommended platforms that guarantee the registration of evidence in order to ensure that the teaching is effective: counting the duration of classes and attendance student record of didactic material and exercises, tests, assessments, among other auditable evidence).

2.2 MCTESTP support to IES and IETP

MCTESTP obtained favorable rates from national mobile phone operators for unlimited Internet access, under the following conditions:

Tmcel ……………………………………… 100.00 Mts / month
Vodacom ………………………………… ..No monthly costs
Movitel …………………………………… ..100.00Mts / month
This access is for all Students, Teachers / Researchers and Technical-Administrative Staff, exclusively for access to academic content, for this purpose the MCTESTP:

Developed a Web / mobile application to generate a database of automatic management of beneficiaries (list provided by IES / IETP) and the concessions of each national mobile operator;
Provided operators with academic content platforms / URL (based on the options indicated by IES / IETP);
Access to this platform, that is, “to the Identification System for Members of the National Academic and Scientific Community - SIMECACIN -

Bandwidth: - MCTESTP in collaboration with two operators with international data communication capabilities, namely Seacom and UbuntuNet Alliance, is working to support the Government of Mozambique by making available 1 Gbps and 2.5 Gbps respectively International Band;

The Government Data Center in Maluana, has sufficient data processing capacity and data storage space to accommodate the digital academic and scientific content produced by IES and IETP;

Counting / Controlling / Managing the spread of COVID-19 infection in the Higher Education and Professional Technical Community

MCTESTP developed a Web / mobile computer application with the objective of monitoring the level of spread of the COVID-19 infection and the health status of students, teachers, researchers and technical-administrative staff of Higher Education and Professional Technicians.

The application will allow you to manage the following aspects:

Identification / Localization / timely communication of suspected cases of COVID-19 in the Academic Community;

Monitor / inspect the daily routine and the evolution of the clinical status of members of the community submitted to quarantine (through the use of geolocation);

In case of need to access health services, the application based on the geolocation of the needy automatically identifies the nearest available hospital (with vacant beds).

To reinforce the systematization of information, MCTESTP mobilized 400 cell phones to be distributed to the focal points of all Higher Education and Professional Technical institutions to interact with its members of the Institution to which they belong and with the authorities of MCTESTP and Health.

Access to this platform is automatic as soon as the academic community member registers on the SIMECACIN platform, to benefit from a favorable internet

This application and all resources were the result of a partnership with the Institute for Multiparty Democracy (IMD), MidiaLab and other partners.







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