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6 most wanted technology professionals during the pandemic

Exclusive survey by the Page Group shows a new wave of hiring of six technology professionals
Hiring in the area of information technology has resisted several obstacles in the Brazilian economy, remaining heated due to the digital transformation within companies in the last three years.
With the new coronavirus, the area had a new wave of hiring driven by the adaptation of companies to the home office.
This is what was observed in an exclusive survey by the Page Group, a worldwide company specialized in the recruitment of executives of all hierarchical levels. The group consulted companies of all sizes in 14 sectors across Brazil and found six IT positions that saw an increase in hiring.

“With the pandemic, many companies closed or froze positions. In technology, especially in companies in areas such as health and e-commerce, we saw the growth in hiring in strategic sectors such as network, infrastructure and digital security ”, comments Luana Castro, IT manager at Michael Page and Page Personnel.
According to the manager, the crisis has caught companies at different stages of technological maturity. Some were better adapted to the home office culture, with documents in the cloud and professionals prepared to resolve technical issues. Others had to rush to hire people to solve infrastructure problems.
And the changes are expected to have an effect on corporate culture after the crisis. “Companies had to take the design of the home office and digital transformation out of the drawer to survive. The crisis will accelerate the introduction of technology in companies, which will continue to adopt policies that bring solutions through technology ”, she says.
For IT-based positions, such as developers and software engineers, the specialist observes a momentary slowdown in hiring in companies that do not have the innovation sector directly linked to business revenue.
"Companies that are digital platforms, such as those linked to e-commerce and mobility and logistics, continue to hire," she said.
Check out the six most demanded professionals at the moment, according to the Page Group:

Support and Service Desk Analyst
What it does: Manage requests, problems and changes, analyze calls, perform tests and identify the solution to problems. Installs and supports operating and technical systems.
Salary: from R $ 4 thousand to R $ 6 thousand

Profile: Knowledge of technology in general, infrastructure and networks. Attention, communication and availability are important behavioral skills for the position. Advanced English in most cases is a great differentiator.
Reason for discharge: Given the current scenario, many companies that still did not have a home office policy, had to quickly migrate to the model and were not prepared for an entire operation working remotely. There is a high demand for calls, adaptation of bugs and service to users - who with distance, end up needing support many times during work.

Cybersecurity Analyst
What it does: a professional works within the cybersecurity team and, despite having different approaches depending on the company's segment, in general, is responsible for analyzing attacks, planning and executing containment and recovery actions in affected environments.
Salary: from R $ 7 thousand to R $ 11 thousand

Profile: professionals who have knowledge in security solutions, operating systems, databases and networks.
Reason for discharge: the movement of hiring these professionals was already on the rise due to the implementation of LGPD in Brazil in 2020. With the arrival of the pandemic and the rapid change to the home office model, companies that were not yet prepared with regard to to information security processes, suffer from attacks and fraud. The companies accelerated their searches in order to avoid possible fraud and / or loss of confidential information.

Infrastructure and Networks Analyst or Specialist
What it does: responsible for supporting and ensuring the functioning of software, systems and the entire network infrastructure of a company, including servers and databases of projects and / or systems existing in the company.
Salary: from R $ 8 thousand to R $ 12 thousand

Profile: it is important that the professional has experience in operations with data networks and / or the like, as well as infrastructure management in general (or specific to each company). Experience with implementation of projects and certifications are differentials.
Reason for discharge: in view of the Covid-19 scenario, hundreds of companies had to migrate quickly to the home office and, thus, the need for professionals specialized in Infrastructure and Networks increased in order to support all remote accesses with access to the internet and systems remotely. In addition, segments that are considered mission-critical, such as health, electronic commerce and the financial market, demand even more attention to the quality of access so that nothing goes off the air and disrupts daily operations.

Cloud Specialist
What it does: proposes architectural solutions for cloud IT infrastructure, observing aspects such as connectivity, security, data flow and continuity.
Salary: from R $ 14 thousand to R $ 19 thousand

Profile: experience and knowledge in cloud computing, hybrid architecture for services and datalake architecture and distributed database are the most sought after knowledge.
Reason for discharge: Companies had to run out of time to adapt to a new format of work in the home office, with this, many projects of digital transformation and migration of systems to cloud that were already being analyzed, were streamlined. Cloud experts (usually with a focus on AWS or Azure) support companies in healthy support of remote operation and ensure that all cloud systems work well and do not disturb the day-to-day operation.

Leader in Data Science
What it does: professional focused on data science and data engineering with the aim of providing insights and information for defining business strategies to guide companies' decisions.
Salary: from R $ 19 thousand to R $ 29 thousand

Profile: academic education in exact subjects such as Mathematics, Statistics and Physics are differentials, in addition to experiences with BI, Analytics and Data Engineering.
Reason for upturn: one of the most requested profiles in the market, regardless of the segment, remains up. In the new scenario, professionals focused on bringing intelligence and strategy to companies are even more desired, as they can help companies find the best operating path in an uncertain scenario. Intelligent data analysis has never been more important and helps companies to address the pandemic and economic crisis scenario even more.

Cybersecurity Leader
What it does: professional responsible for leading the area of information security and cyber security, understanding business needs and implementing security actions and policies, as well as implementing tools, strategies and methodologies that involve the protection of company data and information.
Salary: from R $ 25 thousand to R $ 35 thousand

Profile: professionals in this area in general have a history of technology and studies and knowledge of governance policies, information security management, risks and auditing.
Reason for discharge: professionals already on the rise since mid-2019, companies have been streamlining their search for executive professionals with a high level of knowledge in information security and cyber crimes. With the pandemic, many companies take advantage of the scenario to seek out the best professionals in the market, avoid crises of fraud and information leakage and already take the opportunity to prepare the company for a possible digital transformation and consequently design of new security policies and processes.






















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