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This digital tool helps to carry out a self-assessment of the risk of contamination by COVID-19

6 cloud technologies that have helped companies in times of Coronavirus

Internet convenience has played a key role in the crisis, facilitated by the cloud

In times of Coronavirus, the convenience of the internet has played a key role. And in that context, the cloud has made it easier - and a lot - for those who can perform their tasks remotely. Fabiana Razera, commercial head of BRLink, recalls that a few years ago many companies would not have been able to maintain their activities remotely with the internet alone.


This growing crisis that the Coronavirus has caused worldwide has served as proof that cloud computing and its associated technologies are the path to a real digital transformation in the world economy.

 Remote access to systems and project collaboration, running applications, continuing education, videoconferencing, data access, e-commerce, video streaming are some of the demands attributed to this technology in an accessible manner to any business model.

Pedro Bicudo, analyst and author of the global survey ISG Provider Lens, says that keeping your systems running in the cloud means having the guarantee of maintaining the administration of these services and systems remotely. “You don't have to be inside a data center, or even get to a specific location. Universal access that is made possible from cloud systems, in addition to a more powerful internet connection, since all network connections have high performance ”.

 In addition to those already listed, there are technical advantages of using a more modern architecture, which allows you to have more agility in the system, cost reduction and optimization within the infrastructure. All of these benefits, together, translate into a better ability to do business in any situation.

6 tools that can assist in remote work


Some cloud providers offer virtual workspaces, such as AWS, for example, that can be used on Windows and Linux systems and accessed from anywhere and on any device.

 Shared Docs

 Facilitate the collaboration of the simultaneous team of the same document. With them, you can create, share and review any content.


 They are the ball of the day to help people who need to maintain their meetings, classes and even events and training. Some cloud systems offer options to gather hundreds of people live.


They make it possible to maintain customer service and solve basic problems that arise on a daily basis. A solution that will help to filter your service at this time. Some systems even make it possible to route calls and provide emergency information or customized service to customers.


Prioritize the use of VPNs with public clouds, which allows you to add security to your connections, in this way, you can provide your employees, customers and even students to connect to your network.

 Access and device control

 They make it possible to increase the productivity of its employees.



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