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FCCN-FCT distance learning service users increased by over 2800%

The Colibri service, developed by the National Scientific Computing Foundation, allows hundreds of participants from the academic and scientific community to have meetings or classes via the Internet.

Last Thursday (March 12), the Colibri distance learning service, made available by the National Scientific Computing unit of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCCN-FCT), was used by 56,500 more people than usual. The data were shared this Saturday by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education.


As a rule, the number of daily Colibri users is around 1990, but last Thursday it was 58,552. This is an increase of more than 2800%. And instead of the typical 210 daily meetings, over 3574 meetings were held through Colibri.

The distance communication service, which is made available by the FCCN-FCT, is one of the options to reduce the impact caused by the covid-19 epidemic in universities and is intended for public educational institutions. The mission of that unit of the Foundation for Science and Technology is to manage a network of digital infrastructures, transversal to all areas of knowledge and covering the entire Portuguese territory.

With Colibri, several participants from the academic and scientific community can speak remotely, thus allowing meetings, group work, classes and tutorials over the Internet.

Anticipating the increased demand for Colibri, the FCCN-FCT increased the platform's capacity several times during the past week. Currently, with several universities and polytechnic institutes exchanging face-to-face classes for virtual classes, it is possible to hold 2600 meetings simultaneously with Colibri. As each meeting can gather 300 participants, in theory it is possible that 780 thousand people use the platform simultaneously.

In addition to Colibri, FCCN-FCT also provides platforms such as Educast (allows you to record, edit and publish educational videos), Videocast (broadcasts live events to the world via the Internet) and Filesender (solution for temporarily sending and sharing large files with anyone).


FCCN is the unit of FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology, whose main mission is the planning and management of RCTS . RCTS is a digital research infrastructure, transversal to all areas of knowledge and covering the entire national territory.

Its services are made available through a high-performance network for teaching and research institutions, thus ensuring the communication requirements and advanced digital services of the different user communities of these entities. RCTS is also an experimentation platform for advanced communications applications and services.

The Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) is a national public agency to support research in science, technology and innovation, in all areas of knowledge. Guarded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, FCT started its activities in August 1997, succeeding the National Board of Scientific Research and Technology (JNICT). Since March 1, 2012, FCT has succeeded UMIC- Knowledge Society Agency, I.P in the responsibility for coordinating public policies for the Information Society in Portugal. On October 1, 2013, FCT assumed the duties and competencies of the Foundation for National Scientific Computing (FCCN).

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