Family Photo: As part of the visit by Minister of Science and Technology, Higher Education and Professional Technician Gabriel Ismael Salimo to MoRENet
FAMILY PHOTO:Workshop on LPWAN Solutions for The Internet of Things in Makerere University, Uganda
MoRENet team participated from 17-21 February in the Workshop on LPWAN Solutions for the Internet of Things at Makerere University, Uganda
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MoRENet has completed the installation of the second high-performance computing equipment in the Maluana data center

The first phase of installation and configuration of the second High Performance Computing (HPC) equipment located at the Maluana Data Center, called “Stampede Supercomputing”, was completed. This installation and configuration process is the result of the action of the activity plan carried out with a view to expanding the computational capacity of MoRENet HPC Ecosystems, to better serve the national academic and scientific communities, which deal with highly demanding activities in terms of storage, processing data on high connectivity networks.


It should be noted that this activity plan was developed and executed by the high performance computing team of MoRENet - HPC and collaborators in partnership with the Center for High Performance Computing in South Africa - CHPC, which results from training actions and face-to-face workshops carried out by the same partnership since November 2018.

After this success, the deployment of provisioning tools, management systems and monitoring of computational resources, as well as scientific libraries and scientific applications of a High Performance Computing nature which allowed improving professional performance in activities involving simulation and modeling processes and systems in several areas of knowledge such as Astronomy, Meteorology, Health, Hydrocarbons, Mineral Resources, Environment, Defense and Security, Data Science among others. Such applications will be used by potential users of the respective scientific area from their departments and institutions anywhere in the country, as long as it is connected to an internet network.

High-performance computing (HPC) is a branch that deals with scientific and engineering tasks, modeling and simulation so demanding in terms of computing that computers cannot perform calculations in common use, hence the machines used in HPC are often called supercomputers. Due to its interdisciplinary nature and its capacity to handle large amounts of data and to perform complex calculations, HPC is fundamental to face many challenges in the area of Science and Technology.

It should be noted that the HPC Ecosystem project at MoRENet started with the installation of the first high performance-computing infrastructure “T430” in the MoRENet server room located in the National Company of Maluana Science and Technology Park building. This infrastructure is currently in use and accessible to all scientific and academic research institutions in the country, which MoReNet offers a high performance-computing environment. MoRENet has provided technical support in the installation of applications as well as in their use, in order to guarantee the efficient and rational use of resources.

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