Mozambican students participated in the final Cybersecurity Challenge 2019 in South Africa

The Geeks, team of Mozambican students participated in the final phase of the  South Africa Cybersecurity Challenge 2019, which took place from December 1st to 5th during the CHPC Annual Conference.


 The UEM student team (Eduardo Mondlane University-Faculty of Engineering), made up of 3 students namely: Dércio Gulele, Sinalo Américo and Júlio Dimande, was qualified for the final round in Johannesburg, South Africa and were accompanied by Eng. Ivone Cipriano lecturer at the university.


The Geeks and their Lecture Engª. Ivone Cipriano


In the initial phase of the competition in Mozambique we had 32 participating teams, out of a total of 103 students from 10 Institutions. The Geeks got 160 points and were in 10th position in the global ranking in what they were qualified for this final phase.

This challenge was organized by the National Integrated Cyber Infrastructure System (NICIS), which comprises the High Performance Computing Center (CHPC), the South African National Research Network (SANReN) and the Data Intensive Research Initiative  of South Africa (DIRISA), which hosted the annual CHPC Conference December 1-5, 2019.

At this conference, SANReN hosted the second annual information security contest, with an emphasis on networking called the Cybersecurity Challenge 2019.

The purpose of this competition was to stimulate interest in cyber security in general, and specifically in the field of network security in tertiary institutions in South Africa.

This competition was designed for undergraduate and master level university students attending computer courses interested in areas of information security such as penetration testing, incident response, digital forensic analysis and security training.

The Ministry of Science and Technology, Higher and Technical Vocational Education (MCTESTP), through the Mozambican Network of Higher Education and Research Institutions (MoRENet), received an invitation to participate in this competition in early July this year.

The invitation was formulated by the South African National Research Network (SANReN) - the MoRENet counterpart institution in South Africa, in an initiative implemented jointly with the Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC) - MoRENet's partner institution in the implementation of infrastructure and services. Performance Computing Manager at MoRENet.

For its part, MoRENet addressed the invitation to the national universities benefiting from MoRENet services that brought their students.