MoRENet Participation at SC Conference Series 2019 (SC19) in Denver

From November 17 to 22, representing the High Performance Computing Team – HPC of Mozambique, engineer Vitalina Morais Baptista Nhavene traveled to the city of Denver in Colorado in the United States to attend the High Performance Computing conference called SC Conference Series (SC19).

 Since 2018, MoRENet has been running the High Performance Computing Service, and it was through a donation made by CHPC South Africa in the same year that it provided two HPC computers. The first computer (Ecosystem - T430) was received in May and is operational at MoRENet NOC in Maluana Science and Technology Park and the second computer (STAMPEDE) was received at the end of November 2018 and is operating in the Government Data Center in Maluana.

Image. Stampede Equipment transfer to Maluana Data Center

High-performance computing (HPC) is a branch that deals with such computationally demanding engineering, modeling and simulation tasks that calculations cannot be performed by commonly used computers than machines used in HPC they are often called supercomputers.

Due to its interdisciplinary nature and ability to handle large amounts of data and perform complex calculations, HPC is critical to addressing many challenges in science and technology.

This High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure is intended to provide services to research institutions with specific high-capacity data processing needs as well as to support scientific studies and model simulation in various policy areas of member research institutions. from MoRENet.