Deucalion, the supercomputer that reinforces Portugal

Portugal has signed a contract in Strasbourg to bring a supercomputer to strengthen the capacity of the MACC (Minho Advanced Computing Center). The new machine should be in operation by the end of 2020.

 Deucalion is part of the EuroHPC - European High Performance Computing initiative, an EU joint venture to install supercomputers in several European countries. This supermachine will be installed in Portugal by the end of 2020 and will increase the capacity of MACC, Minho Advanced Computing Center, being able to perform at least 10 PFlops or 10 billion operations per second.

The machine will reinforce the current BOB, the first supercomputer to operate in Portugal. «After BOB, Deucalion materializes a significant increase in the computing power available in Portugal and will allow easier access to the entire community of the national scientific and technological system for work in the field of intensive calculation, data science and intelligence. artificial, ”says Nuno Feixa Rodrigues, general coordinator of INCoDe.2030, in a press release.

The creation of the MACC was formalized in November 2017, but the BOB only started operating in July this year. This machine is part of the National Digital Skills Initiative and is part of RICA, the Iberian Advanced Computing Network. The first supercomputer was assigned to the Foundation for Science and Technology by the University of Texas.

The INCoDe.2030 program is an inter-ministerial initiative bringing together the governing areas of Administrative Modernization, Science, Technology and Higher Education, Education, Labor, Planning and Infrastructure and Economics.

Since 2018, MoRENet has been providing High Performance computing services through Equipment donated by the Center for High Performance Computing of South Africa.