Family Photo: As part of the visit by Minister of Science and Technology, Higher Education and Professional Technician Gabriel Ismael Salimo to MoRENet
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MoRENet visits the Technical University of Mozambique

morenet visita UDM

The Technical University of Mozambique-UDM, received yesterday August 15, 2019, Professor Doctor Lourino Chemane, Executive Director of MoRENet and Advisor to the Minister of Science and Technology, Higher Education and Professional Technical.

 This visit aimed to present to the UDM academic community the following projects:

• MoRENet; and

• Africa Innovation Leaders.

Professor Lourino Chemane explained that these projects aim to “facilitate the exchange and dissemination of knowledge, promoting scientific research and innovation, reducing the distance between teachers, researchers, students and other professionals” also aims at “Bringing scientific institutions closer to each other”. citizen, private sector and the public sector ”.

The speaker stressed that one of the major challenges of these projects, "is reducing connectivity costs and extending the coverage of MoRENet's health services: supporting e-Health and Telemedicine services." For the Academy, its goal is to “cover all Higher Education Institutions and Vocational Technical Education Institutions.

MoRENet is one of the projects of the Government-approved Computer Policy Implementation Strategy and aims to contribute to achieving the objectives of the following Government of Mozambique strategies:

 • Mozambique Science Technology and Innovation Strategy (ECTIM);

• Higher Education Strategy; and

• Professional Technical Education Strategy.

 This lecture included the MoRENet team (Eng. Lino Khalau - High Performance Computing Manager; Dr. Clementina Mataveia - MoRENet Administrative and Financial Manager and Dr. Nilza Langa - MoRENet Services Manager), and the Community Academic of UDM (Professors, students and staff).

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