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MoRENet in partnership with CHPC of South Africa promote training in High Performance Computing


From June 26 to 28, 2019, a training course in High Performance Computing was held at the facilities of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Higher and Vocational Education - Introduction to OpenHPC Workshop in partnership with the Alto Computing Center South Africa Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC), MoRENet's partner in the implementation of this infrastructure in Mozambique.

 The purpose of the course was to introduce the fundamental concepts of high-performance computing using OpenHPC, creating an environment that simulates supercomputer infrastructures so that tests can be run before the use and maintenance of the physical infrastructure.

Participants in the training, Technicians and Students in the areas of meteorology, some technicians from MoRENet and other institutions, researchers whose work involves the treatment of large volumes of data.

In a conversation with one of the trainers Bryan Johnston, said that after this training expects graduates have a basic understanding of the software that will be used, that make use of the tool learned to test in the virtual environment so that in a next phase the team be able to do the installation of OpenHPC in an autonomous way. He stressed that it will still be a long journey until all graduates reach a certain level of experience in this area. Israel, another trainer added that all graduates can use the environment created to run their tests without fear of making mistakes because they will be in a virtual environment.

It is expected that MoRENet along with the CHPC and other organizations will be able to join this large OpenHPC community and also share the experiences that will be gained with other institutions and other members of this community in the use, management and use of existing resources in supercomputers.




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