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MoRENet member wins AfricaInLead Program Business Challenge 2019


The African Innovation Leaders (AIL) hosted a business ideas competition called AILs Business Idea Challenge 2019, which for Mozambique the selected winner was a member of MoRENet Moses Mucelo, with his idea "Talent and Skills Platform" Skills).


The African Innovation Leaders (AIL) program, also called the Emmerging Africa Innovation Leaders program, is a program implemented by the Government of Italy with the support of the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development (AICS) and coordinated by two Italian higher education namely: the Polytechnic of Milan and the Polytechnic of Turin. The objective of the program is to boost Africa's development and prosperity by hosting the Next Production Revolution (NPR), which shares a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of innovation, with the aim of preparing the next generation of African leaders for a new thinking about solutions with a focus on Industrialization, Automation, Modernization of industrial production processes.

The program includes participants from six African countries, namely Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria and Tunisia.For Mozambique, in the initial phase of the competition were selected 23 candidates, of whom three were assessed for the final phase. Each of these three candidates presented their business idea at the Africa Innovation Leaders - Mozambique Country Day workshop, held on 10 June 2019 in EMU. The theme of the competition for this year was "Embracing the Next Production Revolution for a New Africa Narrative" in which the candidates: António Mesquita Viandro, Herbert Ribeiro Gajananhe and Moisés Mucelo presented their ideas to the public present and to the scoreboard set up for that purpose. As a result of the evaluation was declared winner and business idea of Moisés Mucelo, MoRENet Networks Administrator, with its idea called "Talent and Skills Platform", with the proposal of a platform for the development of personal skills and talent improvement, which includes an ecosystem of convergence between people and companies.


 Winner of EmmergingAfrica inlead

Picture 2. Moisés Mucelo getting up to present his idea and panel members.


The winner was awarded a mobility grant to participate in the World Manufacturing Forum 2019, which will take place in Italy in September 2019.

The World Manufacturing Forum is an open platform aimed at improving and disseminating industrial culture around the world as a means of ensuring economic equity and sustainable development, with the aim of supporting and influencing national and international industrial agendas; Provide a framework through which high-level companies, governments, academic institutions and social organizations can meet and exchange views, acting as a catalyst to find innovative solutions to the major global challenges; and Disseminate knowledge through international and regional meetings and publications.


AfricaInlead winner

Picture 3: Moisés Mucelo during presentation of his project "Talent and Skills Platform"







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