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Portugal and Spain win EuroHPC Contest


On 7 June 2018, the European Commission announced that Portugal and Spain had been two of the winning countries of the “EuroHPC- European High Performance Computing” initiative, which aims to significantly strengthen European capacity in this key digital resource for research support scientific and technological.

 On November 21, 2018, at the XXX Luso-Spanish Summit in Valladolid, the governments of the two countries pledged to promote this joint application for the installation of advanced computing machines, one in Portugal and one in Spain.

After having developed concerted strategies, Portugal and Spain won the competition for the installation in both countries of supercomputing infrastructures, which will strengthen the "Iberian Network of Advanced Computing - RICA" and the European capacity in this field, and will be realized:

• the installation of a "pre-exascale" supercomputer at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC / CNS), whose Portuguese participation represents around 10% of the consortium which also includes Turkey and Croatia and is supported by Ireland.

• in the installation at the MACC - Minho Advanced Supercomputing Center "of another" petascale "supercomputer, in a BSC / CNS supported application.

The application was worked out in the scope of the Iberian Network of Advanced Computing and had the involvement, in addition to the BSC / CNS, of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and intends to 'attract' to Spain one of the supercomputers 'sponsored' by European joint venture for high-performance computing, EuroHPC, in parallel with another advanced computing machine to be installed in Portugal, at the University of Minho.

A year ago, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, which houses the MareNostrum supercomputer, one of the most powerful in Europe and one of the world's largest processing capacity, and FCT signed a cooperation agreement for the installation of the first supercomputer at the University of Minho to operate in Portugal.

Part of the computer infrastructure was ceded to FCT by the North American university of Texas, with the supercomputer to process data produced by the International Center for Research on the Atlantic in the Azores (AIR Center), a scientific network that involves several countries in areas such as climate, space and oceans.

Since April 2018, MoRENet has an HPC infrastructure donated by CHPC from South Africa and intends to work with FCT on the exploration and improvement of the use of this infrastructure. The FCCN is the unit of FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology). the Technology, whose main mission is the planning and management of RCTS) MoRENet partner is in the process of developing a collaboration project with FCT in the field of High Performance Computing (HPC) for the maximization and socialization of the existing computational resources for the Academic and Scientific community of Mozambique.





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