Africa Innovation Leaders - Mozambique Country Day


MoRENet, through the Ministry of Science and Technology, Higher and Vocational Education, in conjunction with the Emmerging Africa Innovation Leaders Program Coordination, held a workshop entitled "Africa Innovation Leaders - Mozambique Country Day", an event held at the University's Pedagogical Complex Eduardo Mondlane (UEM Main Campus) in Maputo on June 10, 2019.


 The Italian Government, through the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development (AICS), is supporting the implementation of the Emmerging Africa Innovation Leaders Program - G7 Exchange & Empowerment Program for Enabling Innovation within the Next Production Revolution (NPR) since 2018. The implementation of this program, which was approved during the G7 summit held in Taormina, during the Italian Presidency of the G7, is coordinated by the Italian higher education institutions: Politecnico di Milano (Politecnico di Milano) and Polytechnic of Turin (Politécnico di Torino).


The Emmerging Africa Innovation Leaders Program aims to encourage the development of cooperation and collaboration between private sector and academia entities in Italy and their counterparts in six African countries (Tunisia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique and Niger) in promoting the use of innovator of emerging technologies in the fields of Information Technologies and Communication (Digital Technologies), Energy, Agriculture, Industry, and Natural Resource Exploitation by the entrepreneurs and graduates of the training institutions of these African countries.


Mozambique participates in the Emmerging Africa Innovation Leaders Program with an initial team of four national experts selected under the Emmerging Africa Innovation Leaders Program (MCTESTP's Lourino Chemane, Fernando Lichucha of UEM, Lucia Ginger of the USTM, and Claudio Buque of the World Bank) and had a training that lasted 5 weeks in October 2018. As a team from Mozambique, they prepared a Project Proposal that was submitted to the Coordination of the Emmerging Africa Innovation Leaders Program and had a positive appreciation.


The project, prepared by the Mozambican team called the Smart Ecosystem for Innovation, Technology and Knowledge Growth in Mozambique, was presented to the public, which is to extend the coverage of the Network of Higher Education and Research Institutions of Mozambique (MoRENet - Mozambique Research and (Including the research departments of mineral resource exploration and exploitation companies) in the provinces of Cabo Delgado, Tete, Inhambane and Maputo. The objective of the project is to ensure that MoRENet services are extended to more beneficiaries in the priority development areas of the country defined by the Mozambican Government indicated above and to guarantee access to the Internet and to electronic academic and scientific content platforms (MOOCs - Massive Open Online Courses) for young people and communities in the areas / provinces identified for the first phase of this project to provide training and technical training opportunities and to promote innovation and technology transfer with the support and participation of companies that mineral resources in the country.